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About Usersnap

Usersnap believes that feedback-driven companies provide the best products to people. Usersnap is the #1 customer feedback software for growing SaaS companies. Their B2B SaaS software is used by companies like Instacart, Dynatrace, Canva,, Microsoft worldwide.


As a graphic and visual designer at Usersnap for the last 8 months, I create graphic content such as: banners, blog articles, new website visuals, web design, Gifs..

The sutdio also played a part in creating new pages for the website.

Streamline issues, feature requests, and product survey responses are products that Usersnap creates to help his clients exceed user expectations. To help them communicate these features, the studio is responsible for the creation of engaging visuals and illustrations that makes Usersnap stand out.

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If you are curious to learn more, visit now Usersnap website:

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