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Bauhaus posters


Typography posters 

Bauhaus is originally an architecture and design school built in 1919 in Germany. From the school and its vision, the Bauhaus movement became a real artistic period that translated modernity in the architecture, objects but also photography, dance and performance. 


Vague d'amour designed a poster serie to celebrate the century of the school and artistic movement that continues to inspire designers. The geometrical shapes the letters with primary colours which is the base of the visual communication of this movement. 

“Less is more” means that having the essential things is better than having too many superficial things.

Mies v.d Rohe, architect/teacher at the Bauhaus 

Simplicity to serve
the purpose

The posters share the value of the Bauhaus movement: modernity, minimalism, geometry. The form follows the function and in this work Vague d'amour wanted to put typography at the first place how it used to be during this time.


The letter becomes a beautiful object that tells a story and where the shapes underline the geometry and curves of the letter to create movement.

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