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Natural products

Enesi is a brand specialised in skin care routine. It focuses on the power of plants, essential oils and natural minerals to prepare, repair and hydrate all skin types. Vague d'amour has accompanied Enesi in the development of their visual identity.

Through the logo, the webshop and the packaging, Vague d'Amour has created a poetic and refined identity. The identity is a perfect contrast between femininity, organic and geometric shapes. The classic and unmistakable 'Bodoni' typography goes perfectly with a more modern style of illustration: the line art.

The artistic direction also focuses on nature, organic elements and the stripping of space to reflect the composition of the products. This project is a study case that has not been released yet.

It's important to be transparent and simple when communicate about a cosmetic brand.

Mathilde Founder at Enesi
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An elegant and easy to understand website, the products are really showcased!


The campaign

A campaign that highlights women and the natural beauty of each skin has been made by Vague d'amour. The campaign was made to show case the brand, its benefits and its values.

Photographs of very talented artists were used for this campaign: Joey Lee, Dom Aguiar, Drew Graham, Jessica Feliccio, Jimmy Fermin and mr mockup.

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