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Vague d'Amour had the chance to work at Clockwork (Ordina) a few years ago and was able to work on the visual identity of this platform intended for the 50+. With its fellow designers, Uxers and strategists, Vague d'amour was able to add its touch to this beautiful project with the realization of the icons, the creation of the web pages for the articles, the choice of the Vestebro typography as well as the logo of this radiant platform that informs, entertains and creates a community for the 50+.


Happy time

Blijtijds meaning 'happy days' is a website and magazine offering a beautiful philosophy for its readers. You will find articles on subjects such as family, retirement, travel and gardening. Always in a context of good humor and sharing.

This translates into colours and a warm identity, easy reading and understanding of the website thanks to the icons and other visual elements that inform and guide.


If you are curious to learn more, visit now Blijtijds website:

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